Take your vacations to the next level. Take an advantage of our exclusive insider knowledge and travel expertise to make your vacations a treasure trove of new experience and memories. Explore our programs featuring from: Accommodations, Art & Cultures, Gastronomy, Natural Exposures, Spa & Wellness, Sports & Adventures, and more.

Our travel consultants are readily, daily available, to make recommendations on all kinds of activities that suits your personal preference. Redeeming is hassle-free yet simple. Get your suitcase ready, as Experience Club will completely change your travel perception eternally.

Guest Experience

Gain back time to spend on things you enjoy and allow a very personalized service designed to help you balance your vacations planning by our Guest Experience Specialists team.

Limousine Experience

The aesthetics journey by a chauffeur-driven to your preferred destinations with safe, elegant and efficient transportation that you can trust.

Hotels & Resorts Experience

Immerse yourself in relaxing vacations with various types of accommodations to select from.

Dining Experience

Challenge your taste buds with special gastronomic delights designed by talented chefs that elevate exciting culinary creations in dreamy and serene surroundings.

Club & Lounge Experience

Emancipate and enjoy variety of food & drinks with personalize service in classical, stylish ambience.

Shopping Experience

Enjoy shopping with a high level of personalization and exclusivity by going above and beyond to indulge in a unique experience from start to finish.

Spa & Wellness Experience

Unique sensory spa retreats for both physically and mentally. Enjoy tranquility that promotes relaxation, health, pleasure, and rejuvenation by using various techniques to stimulate all senses.

Excursions & Activities Experiences

Experience the glamour and ease of high-quality excursions. Creating memories and storytelling you will reminisce with our unforgettable adventures.

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